So much awesomeness, part 1

Apparently when you retire on a Friday, put your house on the market the next day, head out for a camping trip, then sell the house in a few days, and buy another one in another city, and then take a weekend trip that requires a plan B (wait, that doesn’t sound right, but no shame for Plan B!) all within two weeks, you can end up exhausted from all the awesomeness. It also can get in the way of blog writing. But things have settled a bit for now, so I can share some of the awesomeness that happened.

The first camping trip was in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona. It’s gorgeous up there, and we were able to do a couple of hikes, while also e-signing documents to sell our house. The weather was beautiful and it was a nice way to kick off my retirement. If you haven’t spent any time in Arizona, you may think it’s mostly desert and that’s not untrue. But we also have mountains and high elevations that allow us desert-dwellers to escape to.

There is a nice ski area up there, called Sunrise Ski Park, which is just reopening for summer activities. They have mountain biking, horseback riding and you can ride the chairlift for a bird’s eye view of the beauty. The ski park is operated by the White Mountain Apache Tribe, on their land. The mountain we call Mt. Baldy is also on their land, and the trails bypass it, so please be respectful if you head up there.

We camped at Winn Campground a few miles past the ski park, and took advantage of the proximity to both trailheads for the Mt. Baldy trail. There’s an eastern trailhead and a western one. They are just a few miles apart on the highway. And both are absolutely beautiful. The high elevation makes the hike challenging, but the views definitely keep your mind off the burning in your lungs.

Enjoy the photo dump that shows our campsite, the two different trailheads, elk we saw and our pup, Charlie, being expressive and hilarious. Charlie has her own Instagram if you would enjoy more of her content, @charliepupAZ. And one photo of Eric dressed like a bee keeper to keep the giant mosquitos at bay while he connected the solar panel to our camper.

Coming up, even more adventures and awesomeness. Stay tuned!